Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Years Ago

Well today marks two years since we have been home with Caleb.  His sisters laid eyes on him for the first time two years ago today.  It amazes me how much this little man has grown physically, emotionally and spiritually in these two years.  It was a very emotional day that day when we stepped off the plane and seen our other children, parents, and friends waiting to greet us at the airport.  Today those emotions come flooding back as I think of the day and they excitement that was in the air, what a joyous occasion to be able to celebrate together, "Forever Family Day" .    Little did I know that the impact that Caleb would have on our lives and how much we have fallen in love with Ethiopia.  We will be no longer be posting on this blog, but you can follow us at our new blog at where you can follow us on our  current journey back to Ethiopia for a mission trip. I will leave you with some pictures of the day we arrived home and some current pictures.

Just got off the plane and headed to meet my sister and grandparents
Alli meeting Caleb

Deanna meeting Caleb
Kenzie meeting Caleb
Welcoming us home
Caleb not to sure about what is going on
Caleb and Alli getting to know each other right after arriving at home

Now.. the recent pictures
Caleb eating his smore
Caleb a not so happy camper - Where is that smile little man?
Caleb and daddy (his best friend)
Caleb helping Kenzie celebrate her sixth grade promotion
Caleb and Zoe - Boy they love each.  When Caleb came home from
Ethiopia we had to keep Zoe at our friends for a extra week because
he was so afraid of the dogs.  So I think he has conquered that fear. 
Caleb loves animals!
Caleb also loves motorcycles - Look at that precious smile
What a boy does best  - Gets dirty

At Anna's and Harveys petting the horses
Now he is really having fun
Oh! how he loves to swim

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