Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Years Ago

Well today marks two years since we have been home with Caleb.  His sisters laid eyes on him for the first time two years ago today.  It amazes me how much this little man has grown physically, emotionally and spiritually in these two years.  It was a very emotional day that day when we stepped off the plane and seen our other children, parents, and friends waiting to greet us at the airport.  Today those emotions come flooding back as I think of the day and they excitement that was in the air, what a joyous occasion to be able to celebrate together, "Forever Family Day" .    Little did I know that the impact that Caleb would have on our lives and how much we have fallen in love with Ethiopia.  We will be no longer be posting on this blog, but you can follow us at our new blog at where you can follow us on our  current journey back to Ethiopia for a mission trip. I will leave you with some pictures of the day we arrived home and some current pictures.

Just got off the plane and headed to meet my sister and grandparents
Alli meeting Caleb

Deanna meeting Caleb
Kenzie meeting Caleb
Welcoming us home
Caleb not to sure about what is going on
Caleb and Alli getting to know each other right after arriving at home

Now.. the recent pictures
Caleb eating his smore
Caleb a not so happy camper - Where is that smile little man?
Caleb and daddy (his best friend)
Caleb helping Kenzie celebrate her sixth grade promotion
Caleb and Zoe - Boy they love each.  When Caleb came home from
Ethiopia we had to keep Zoe at our friends for a extra week because
he was so afraid of the dogs.  So I think he has conquered that fear. 
Caleb loves animals!
Caleb also loves motorcycles - Look at that precious smile
What a boy does best  - Gets dirty

At Anna's and Harveys petting the horses
Now he is really having fun
Oh! how he loves to swim

Friday, July 17, 2009

In Our Arms Forever Day!

As an adoptive family we get to celebrate things like "Referral Day", "Court Date", and the most wonderful of them all, "In Our Arms Forever day". I will never forget the details of the journey, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was here in this lovely city that there a toddler boy who was waiting to steal our hearts. When we arrived at the hotel it was late at night so we would be meeting our son in the morning. Knowing that he was right next door and we would be holding him within hours was such a great feeling. Then the next morning arrived, we ate breakfast with other couples from our agency then walked over to meet our children together. Tom and I were the first ones to meet our son and with pounding hearts and tear filled eyes, we watched our little man walk down the stairs with one of his nannies, to be with us forever. What an amazing feeling when we reached out to touch his little scared hand that first time, looking into his eyes and falling completely head over heels in love. As we stroked his head and kissed his cheeks and held him in our arms it felt surreal. We finally had the son that God was leading us to. We squeezed him close in ah that this is our son, that God chose for us. He was ours, we finally had him.

The first day was hard for Caleb, but after about an hour of crying he slowly warmed up to us and then crawled in my lap and fell fast asleep. I will never forget that feeling I felt that day of him sleeping in my arms. What a fabulous first day we had with our son.

Those days that followed were magical. We have watched him grow from a unenthusiastic, shy, timid little boy to a grown up little man full of life and love. We have spent the last 12 months toting him around so prideful we could burst. Proud of our beautiful, intelligent son, brother...proud to be his family.

We are thankful today for the opportunity to have this special gift from God as our son and brother. We never knew what an amazing journey this would be. Making this journey with him has made life very entertaining to say the least! I know each day that God's plans are perfect. Our family has grown in the way God planned. I am just so grateful that His plan included letting Caleb be with us. Today is a reflection over how miraculous it is that this little boy was born on the other side of the world and now has a place in our family.

Here's to one year together!

Sorry I was going to post pictures but forgot my husband has the cord with him on a mission trip so you will have to check later when he returns for the pictures of our year together.

Friday, May 15, 2009

How it all began...... Caleb Tariku Wade

The first picture we ever saw of our son, brother!

You were so little! We love you

One year ago today, I stayed home from work with a sick child and was waiting for the arrival of my mom and her best friend to come and visit when single phone call changed our life..past, present, and future. With a single sentence a voice on the other end of a phone said we have a referral for you ... a two year old little boy. What perfect timing, my mom got to see my reaction when we received, "the call" God's timing is always so perfect. The first time I laid my eyes on this little guy he was laying in bed taking a nap. He had a perfect little face, looking so peaceful and calm. I remember sitting on the couch just staring at his picture thinking this is my son. How amazing, that I am across the world from him and falling in love with someone I have never met. I kept looking at his picture trying to memorize everything about him. His name, Tariku means his story. What a perfect name his birth mother picked for him.

If you know us or read our blog you know how much our lives have changed over the past year. Caleb has blossomed from this shy, little, hesitate boy to being a strong-willed, smart, inquisitive, assertive little boy. He steals our heart with every look and re-confirms the power of love with each action. One year of knowing him has brought our family more joy than we could've ever imagined.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The little man LOVES the camera!

Trying to get four kids looking at the camera and
smiling is almost impossible.

Caleb's new pose and he wants to be center of

Wow! What a great Mother's Day. It started out with breakfast in bed, then we all got ready and went to church. When we got home I planted flowers with the kids and then they all made a wonderful lunch for me. To top it all off I got to take a nap. I love this day. I feel so blessed that God has chosen me to be the mother of these most wonderful children.

This was my first Mother's Day with Caleb and it was wonderful, but it did make me think a lot about his birth mother. I just want her to know the joy that I have had to be Caleb's mom. I am eternally grateful to her for the gift that she has given me. I think and pray for her often, for her safety, health, and well being. I wonder did she get enough food today? I feel such a bond to her even though I have never met her. I wonder what she is feeling today and how much she must miss him. I want her to know that he will always be cared for and loved. I want her to know that I will never let Caleb forget her or the country that he came from.

Just want to say Happy Mother's Day to the women that made the ultimate sacrifice for Caleb. I would like to be with you today, but since I can't I pray tonight that you will feel God's arms wrapped around you letting you know that Caleb is loved and cared for.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Allison's Baptism

Daddy and Allison get ready

Alli being a light unto the world!

Well last summer Alli gave her heart to Jesus, but was scared to be baptized. She was afraid of all those people looking at her. (does that sound like her mom or what) But on March 29th she made the brave decision to stand and be obedient to God and be baptized. We are so proud of her and her commitment to Christ. I love watching her grow and understand new biblical concepts. She is always asking questions and her mind soaking in everything. It is awesome now that she can read watching her in her bedroom reading the Bible. What an awesome God we serve.

This day was extra special for her and her daddy because daddy was able to baptize her. How cool is that! Hope you enjoyed the pictures of her special day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday! Caleb

Happy 3rd Birthday! Caleb Tariku

Caleb listening to mommy read his birthday cards

Caleb was so happy about getting this Ethiopian drum that we brought home with us. I tell you what, the boy has some good rhythm.

Caleb's reaction to getting his battery operated motorcycle from our friends. He is the most adorable, expressive boy, he made everyone laugh with his reaction. It's loud, it moves, it plays music, and it talks. What else do you need in a motorcycle.

Okay things are getting a little more serious.

Caleb telling his friends No! No! touch my presents. My little expressive cutie

What? Dad I don't see anything!

Wow! Is that a bike for me?

Let me down, so I can go and check that bike out!

Me and my bike

Watching my best buddy leave my party! It's so sad to see him go.

It was wonderful being able to celebrate Caleb's first birthday in America. We had a lot of people over to celebrate with us, they all supported us during the adoption process and are great friends and family. Thank you everyone for making this such a special day for Caleb and us!
During this day we thought a lot about Caleb's birth mom because he lived with her for the first two years of his life. What a hard time this day must have been for her, remembering the memories of him and the joy that he brought to her life. We have said many prayers for her that God would give her the peace and comfort that Caleb is in a good home and is loved very much. I thank her so often for bringing this wonderful child into the world, and thank God for allowing us to be his mommy and daddy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mommy, can I love you?

Wow! Where's does the time go. I have been meaning to update this blog for about a month now and just never get around to it. So I will give you a brief summary with pictures what has been going on at our house the last three months. Caleb just came to me and made my heart so happy. As I am sitting on the computer and he is suppose to be sleeping, he walks up to me and says, "Mommy can I love you?" And of course I said yes and he crawled up in my lap and snuggled for about 10 minutes. He usually is not a snuggler when it comes to bedtime, he likes to be tucked in his own bed with his blankets. So this made me so happy tonight and it was just what I needed tonight.
Hope you enjoy the pictures, come and visit again next week. Caleb is turning 3 on Sunday so we have party plan on Saturday.

Say Cheese!

Caleb being a ham! He loves when we get out the camera

Deanna's cake that she made for the True Love Waits Auction at our church!

Deanna's 13th birthday party with her friends. We had 9 teenagers over for a sleepover. The girls did great, but not sure I want to be that brave again.

Make a wish. I can't believe that she is 13 already!

As I said early he is a ham and loves the camera. When we were taking pictures of D's party he liked to jump in front of the camera and dance. What a hoot!

How cute is this?